About Us

Our History

We started our club in 2008 with the goal of creating an informal group of divers of any skill levels and special interests who enjoyed diving around the southeast Wisconsin area. We are lucky to live near Lake Michigan with access to some great shipwrecks. When a ship sinks in Lake Michigan's cold fresh waters, it stays there for us to see for hundreds of years. Lake Michigan was once a major thoroughfare for commerce and the passenger trade and over the centuries there were many storms and disasters on the lake that provided us with the wrecks we can dive today. Old shipwrecks are constantly being discovered on the Great Lakes, and the Wisconsin and Michigan maritime historical societies are continuing to add offical moorings to wrecks and also working to set up shipwreck preserve areas for the purpose of preserving shipwrecks for diving.
Some of us also like to travel to warmer destinations for diving. The Caribbean is always a popular spot, along with Florida's Atlantic Coast and fresh-water springs. Visit our media pages to see some slide shows and videos on our local dives and other trips.
Over the years we've gotten to know divers from other parts of Wisconsin, and also Minnesota, and always have a good time when we happen to meet up with them at various diving sites or charter boats. With the advent of Facebook, we also have expanded our contacts with the diving community.
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Who We Are

We are divers from all walks of life, with varying levels of training and experience and interests. Some of us like to concentrate primarily on wreck diving in Lake Michigan, while others mix it up between Lake Michigan and smaller lakes and quarries. Some of us love to dive warm tropical waters along with our local diving. We have a few members of local search and recovery teams, and a few tech divers. Others of us dive at the recreational level only. Some of us have interests in vintage diving as well. Our certification levels range from Open Water all the way to Rescue and Cave Diving and Divemaster. Our common denominator is that we all enjoy scuba diving.
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What We Are

We are an informal group of divers who get together for diving and occasionally other things, like chili cook-offs and bowling and a holiday party or two. We have meetings once a month in Port Washington, Wisconsin. We do not collect dues, because diving is already expensive enough, and we're informal enough to be able to keep the overhead to a bare minimum. We are not a dive shop, nor do we officially endorse any particular dive shops or equipment manufacturers or dive charters. Like any other diver, we individually have our own personal favorites, and if you find yourself in conversation with us we'll no doubt tell you all about them. But we also all subscribe to the motto of "Buyer Beware" in any dealings with any businesses, and we would suggest you do the same. We organize our dives through monthly meetings and also via email and facebook. We have club officers only to facilitate meetings. The rest, organizing dives and activities, is up to the club members.
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Where We Are

We're primarily located in southeast Wisconsin, north of Milwaukee, but with the growing popularity of Facebook, and through our own dive activities, we've gotten to know divers from a larger area, and we have them as members of our Facebook group and also on our email list. More divers, more dives, more fun. If you're interested in getting to know us, drop by for a monthly meeting and join our Facebook group, or get on our email list if you don't subscribe to Facebook.
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