About Shore Dives

No boat to float? No worries, it's a shore thing! Getting together with fun people at a boat ramp or parking lot or on the shore line, gearing up and having a great dive, and tailgating afterwards is an outstanding way to enjoy a weekend or even a weekday evening after work.

Here's some of our suggestions about what to consider when you plan a shore dive. It's certainly not an exhaustive list, but it's a start.

The Approach

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Safety First

In short, use everything you learned in your training and experience to have a safe dive. If you don't have any training, get some before you dive!
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Have Fun

And after all that's said, have a good time! Shore dives are great when you can't get out on the Great Lakes for a wreck dive. They're also great for trying out new gear or different gear configurations, or doing training or brushing up on your skills, before you hit the big water. Some lakes have some great fish life to observe and take photos or video of. Some lakes offer good scavanging of lost fishing gear, odds and ends that get tossed off or fall off of boats, old bottles and jars, and anchors. In some lakes it's amazing how many anchors divers will come up with over a season.
Afterwards, consider the art of tailgating. Bring along the coolers and the grill and relax and recap the dive in style. Make an excellent day or weekend of it.
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The Get-Away

Make sure to clean up after yourselves. Don't leave any litter behind. If you've damaged anything, be sure to report it to the authorities or the concerned private party. Don't do anything to give divers a bad name. Share your experience with your fellow divers.
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Here's some excellent resources:
ShoreDiving.com - Shore Dive Refresher
ScubaDiving.com - 5 Shore Diving Tips
ScubaDiving.com - Beach Diving Made Easy
The Wiscuba forums
The MnScuba forums
and, naturally, your fellow divers. Also check with your local dive shops to see if they organize any evening or weekend shore dives. It can offer you a good opportunity to learn the local spots, to meet fellow divers, and to dive with more experienced divers.
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