Jim founded our club starting with a group of people who enjoyed diving and having a good time doing it, whether it was boat dives or shore dives, local or maybe taking a road trip up to Door County. Jim introduced some of us to memorable diving in Door County. Jim's been diving for many years and has extensive experience in diving Lake Michigan shipwrecks, and has a special interest in vintage dive gear and dive photography and videography. He brought a lot of knowledge of the local wrecks to the table, especially regarding the Niagara, going to the extent of mapping out some additional sections of the wreck that lie away from the main section, which most divers never get to see. He's also put considerable effort into scanning areas of the lakebed north of Port Washington to locate additional dive sites. Jim and ViAnn have also shared the hospitality and warmth of their home with the club for the annual picnic and Christmas party, and have hosted special meetings in the past such as Fred and Tammy Remers' farewell.