Bullhead Point, Sturgeon Bay (Door Peninsula), WI

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They don't come any easier than this for shore diving, and this is a great dive for beginners, or for the returning diver getting used to diving again. And there's wrecks to explore as well. It's located on a small point in the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal. The remains of 3 schooners-turned-to-barges were abandoned there in 1928 and 1929 after they outlived their usefulness, and later burned to the waterline. The tops of the remains can usually be seen poking out of the water. It's a shallow dive at a maximum of around 15', so bring a tank and spend the day! You should be able to see some panfish and some smallmouth bass between the wrecks, and you might also be able to scavange some fishing tackle off of the wood.
Be aware of and courteous to people fishing at the site. This site is covered in detail in Green Bay Scuba's excellent "Guide To Door County Shore Dives", and historian Jon Paul Van Harpen provides some historical data and pictures of the ships during their various stages of employ in his book "Door Peninsula Shipwrecks", and Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg cover the site in their book "Shipwrecks at Death's Door".

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Bullhead Point slideshow (photos by Fred Remers)
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