Redgranite Quarry, Redgranite, WI

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Wisconsin has it's quarries, that's for sure. Around Redgranite, west of Oshkosh b'gosh, there's the West Point Quarry, the Precision Sports Quarry, and the Redgranite Quarry. Redgranite is free and open. And it's a deep sucker, somewhere around 238', so it's a nice place to practice your deep dive skills before you head over to the big pond. There's basically two ways into the water, on the east side and west side of the quarry. As you head west on hwy 21, you'll see a big rectangular green sign that says "QUARRY". This is the east entrace. Turn right and proceed up the road to the parking area. Park as close to the water as possible.
The entry is down a small dirt path, and then walking in over some rocks. The west entry is down the road about a quarter of a mile or so, through a driveway between a restaurant and the post office. Again, get a good parking spot close to the water. The path to the juice once again winds down to some rocks. On this entry, you can do a nice giant stride or ease in over some rocks. The exit is a little tricky, climbing back up on the rocks, but doable. If you park on the west side, you may want to consider bringing along your picnic setup as there's a nice grassy area perfect for some after-dive relaxing. No liquor nor glass containers though! And it's enforced, so behave yourselves.
The west side is less crowded with swimmers and sunbathers it seems, but the east side is where the sunken boats and snowmobile (and toilet, sunken toilet that is. No outhouses around here.) are, so its your choice. at both locations, you can descend and work your way along the walls. Or head towards the middle to get some depth. Be careful when doing safety stops. If you're close to the edge you may get some cliff divers plopping in above your head or very close by.
If you're diving this in the summer, be prepared for the low visibility of course, and make it a morning destination, so you are able to get decent parking (especially on the east side) as its a popular destination for swimmers and sunbathers, and the odd fisherman.

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