South Beach, Port Washington, WI

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The entry is located just south of the Port Washington power plant, parking available in a small parking lot. A mighty shallow dive, about 8' max, and you've got to swim a bit to get that. On the plus side it's about as easy an entry as you'll ever get, sandy beach with no big rocks to climb over. You'll have to walk out a ways before slipping your fins on. Surface swim out a bit and then head towards the power plant breakwater. There's some rockpiles here and there where you can hang out and watch fishies. The algae can pile up on shore sometimes, but a west wind will push it back out. Best conditions are with a west wind or no wind at all, protected on the north somewhat by the power plant breakwater. The area is popular with kayakers and canoers, so please bring and use a dive flag and float. Porta-potty on site, and a few picnic tables.

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