The S.S. Atlanta

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The Atlanta was a 200 foot, 1129 gross ton, wooden passenger steamer built in 1891 at the Cleveland Dry Dock Company. She was owned by the Goodrich Transit company. On 3/18/1906 she left Manitowoc bound for Chicago. She was carrying passengers and a load of furniture. When she was just south of Sheboygan fire broke out. The fishing tug Tessler out of Port Washington noticed the fire and came to the Atlanta's aid. She took 70 people off the stricken ship. Only one person died in the incident. After securing the passengers the Tessler towed the Atlanta into the shallows where she was beached. She now lays in the shallows, about 12 - 15 feet just off of Cedar Grove Wisconsin. Every dive is different with the shifting sand bars. Mostly what you will find are the metal sheathing that once covered the bow, the very bottom of the hull and pipes and fittings. Still a fun easy dive. Go to the coordinates. If you can't locate the wreck and you see people on shore ask them. They'll say, oh, it's right over there.

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