The Brig Mahoning

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The Brig Mahoning was built in 1848 by William Jones in Black River Ohio. She was 119 feet long. The Mahoning was being towed to Milwaukee for repairs on 11/04/1864. She had two steam pumps on her deck to pump the water out she was taking on water as she went. The leaks worsened and the pumps couldn't keep up and down she went taking the salvage master and a mate with her when she capsized. In 1865 she was salvaged by the tug Magnet who supposedly salvaged the steam pumps and some of the rigging. I say supposedly, because a portable boiler and steam pump lay on the lake bed just southeast of the wreck. The capstan is still there missing its plate of course and there are other things such as dead eyes, carts and a wooden stocked anchor under the bow. This wreck could best be described as a fillet of schooner or brig in this case. The hull is broken up and flattened. It's still and interesting dive as there is a lot to see. And at about 55 feet of water, a fairly easy dive.

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