The Schooner Northerner

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The Northerner is an 81 foot two masted schooner that was involved in the lumber trade. She was built in Clayton New York in 1851 by John Oades. Over the years she served under three or four owners and was refit in 1859 in Chicago. By 1863 she called Milwaukee her home port. While taking on a cargo at Amsterdam, present day Cedar Grove she damaged her hull. She made it to Port Washington where she made temporary repairs. The propeller Cuyahoga attempted to tow the stricken Northerner back to Milwaukee. She capsized en-route. Her crew was rescued by the Cuyahoga. On 11/29/1868 the Northerner landed upright on the bottom five miles Southeast of Port Washington. She is still there today and is a great dive. Her foremast is there but has been pulled over and her amidships mast is gone. Like most wooden schooners her pilot house blew off during the sinking, but she is otherwise intact. Her holds still carry a load or wood. Her windlass is still there and the hull is fairly well preserved after all these years. She lies in 135 feet of water which probably helped preserve her. Her deck where you will spend most of you dive time is at 120 feet. A magnificent dive.

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