The Schooner Walter B. Allen

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From Jim Bach:
"Since the last time I dove it the main mast has fallen over. The pilot house had blown off when she sank just like the Northerner. The photo's do look eerie. However that has more to do with using a film based camera. That has more to do with limited exposure latitudes then anything else. In reality, it's not much darker then diving the Northerner on any given day. Last year I dove the Northerner several times. Sometimes it's dark down there, sometimes it's not. This wreck is a bit deep. However, it's worth the extra effort to go see it.
I took these photos (Walter B. Allen photos by Jim Bach) on July 16th 2006 with my old Nikonos II camera. I have never been aft of the mainmast. I understand the stern is decorated with stars carved into the wood."

From the Great Lakes Diving Guide by Cris Kohl:
"The wreck lies about 9 miles northeast of Sheboygan Wisconsin. The twin masted, 137 foot schooner,Walter B. Allen, was built at Ogdensburg, New York, in 1866, foundered in a fierce storm on April 16th, 1880, with no lives lost. Located by Kent Bellrichard in May, 1975, this upright wreck has both masts still standing 70' above the deck. Her bow sprit, a windlass and a cargo steam engine behind the first hold remain in place."

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