Jacksonport, Door Peninsula, WI

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This is a very shallow dive, but can be an easy fun dive. It's a great intro dive for newly certified divers or those getting back into diving. And there are some things to see, like the remains of an old pier. You can usually see the tips of some of the old pilings from the shore, and they start in about 6' of water, not too long of a swim out. Easy beach entry. It's also a handy spot to know about in case the weather chases you out of the Green Bay side of the peninsula. When it rough on one side, the other side may offer more amenable waters.

A paved parking lot is available by the park, and the park facilities may be open. After the dive you can go over to Mike's Pub and Grill for a burger and a beer.

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Mike's Port Pub and Grill
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