Lake Ellen, Sheboygan County, WI

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Lake Ellen is 121 acres with a maximum depth of 42', and is a mud-bottomed lake. It's located in south-central Sheboygan county, near the small town of Cascade. This is another lake that is best dived in the spring or fall when the water clarity is best and there's fewer boaters on the water. Its an easy dive, good for scavanging fishing tackle and anchors and the occasional old bottle. Fred Remers once found the upper plate of a set of dentures, so the possibilities are limitless.
You can access Lake Ellen from a public boat landing off of Ellen View Road, south of Highway 28 (watch for a big sign for Larson's Resort), on the north side of the lake. Just follow the road right down to the landing. Its a small landing with limited parking, so you might want to have an alternate dive site in mind in case you can't get in at the landing.
Plenty of fish to see here, mostly a variety of panfish and smallmouth bass. Its popular with boaters and people fishing off of the pier by the boat ramp, so be sure to bring a flag on a float and stay close to it.

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