Long Lake, Dundee, WI

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Bordered on the east by the Long Lake Recreational Area and on the west by private access, Long Lake is a fairly shallow, elongated, mud-bottomed lake. At the very north end is a small body of water named "Tittle Lake", which is joined by a narrow channel to Long Lake. You can reach a maximum depth of around 35'.
As with most inland lakes, visibility is best in the spring and fall. The water can green up pretty well in the summer, and the shallows can get very weedy. Plenty of fish life, with croppies, blue gills, pumpkinseeds, sunfish, smallmouth bass, and northern pike, and maybe a walleye or two, and some crayfish on occasion. For scavanger dives, you can find the occasional small anchor, fishing tackle, and even some old bottles and jars. Be sure to use a dive flag on a float, and keep close to it when surfacing, because this lake is very popular with boaters and jet skiers in the summer months. The boat traffic dies off in the evening though, and you might want to try some night dives here, and get rewarded with some nice fish life.
You can access the lake on the east shore by the Recreational Area fishing pier or boat ramp. It's a long hike from the parking areas to the water, so you may want to drive your equipment down to the shore, drop it off and drive back up to the parking area. Don't park illegally in the disabled parking area by the fishing pier or the ever-vigilant park ranger will get you. On the western shore you can ask at some of the business establishments about putting in (try Benson's Hideway at Tittle Lake to see about being able to park, gear up, and put in for a nominal fee).
This can be a good dive for newer divers, or a good place to pracice some skills or test new gear. Want to play with your lift bags? There's plenty of concrete blocks down there to practice on. To the north of the fishing pier are some fish cribs that our very own Fred Wokatis participated in installing a few years back. And there's rumours of a car down there somewhere too. Long Lake is also in the center of what, apparently, is a hotbed of UFO activity in Wisconsin, and Benson's Hideaway bar has the bric-a-brac to prove it. Stop off for a few 7-oz beers afterward and say hi to everyone.

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Long Lake slideshow (photos by Fred Remers)
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