Porcupine Bay, Door Peninsula, WI

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Located on the Green Bay side of the Door Peninsula, just a bit south of Ellison Bay and north of Sister Bay, at the end of Porcupine Bay Road, you can get some nice depth on this dive, 80'-90', and the water clarity is usually pretty good. There are usually some smallmouth bass hanging around, and they're usually a little curious. The entry is a bit rocky, and the rocks tend to be slippery once you get into the water, so be careful on the entry and exit. There may be boats in the area so a dive flag is a good idea. Parking is on gravel, and, unfortunately there are no facilities on site.

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Porcupine Bay and Fleetwing Dive By Jim Bach 2010, Watertight Productions
Porcupine Bay and Fleetwing Dive By Jim Bach 2006, Watertight Productions
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